Jürgen Schwern

Norbert von Bloh

For 30 years successfully serving customers in the yacht-commerce-/ yacht-brokerage-business.

Our long lasting success of selling sailing yachts is based on the experience of the company-owner Jürgen Schwern and his staff.

Since 1960 Jürgen Schwern is an active sailor and his know-how grew during his voyages as a skipper on a 10-Meter-Yacht. During that time these voyages lead him to Faroer-Islands, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. He also sailed from Bremen to Lisbon and the Azores and he was honored with the famous “Tanja Trophy”.

During many of these voyages his present employee Norbert von Bloh joined him and they started working as a team. After Jürgen Schwern moved the gravity to the German racing scene, Norbert von Bloh gained experience on his long-term voyages and also as a skipper of the famous “HERA” of the Weser Yacht Club Bremen.

Jürgen Schwern won several cups, such as the vice-world-championship during the “One-Ton-Cup” in 1972 on the famous “Gumboots” in Newport; in 1973 he represented Germany on the “Carina III” and won in the team the Admirals Cup for Germany. In1979 he was part of the tragic Fastnet-Race on “tina i punkt”, just to mention several of his honored successes. Although he was not always successful, ... he gained great experience.

After the foundation of our company in 1974, we as a team, sold sailing-yachts from the well-known brands CONTESSA, CONTENTION, CONTEST, ELAN, EXCEL, GRAND SOLEIL, PETERSON 44 and other individual designs from the famous yacht – designer Doug Peterson, for whom we are still working as his German representative.

That’s how SCHWERN YACHTEN got its reputation. Today as experienced sailors and skilled sales men we sell yachts from Dehler (Meschede/Freienohl) and the Maestro-Boats from Finland in the new-boat-area.
Our old customers, who gave us and our agency for DUFOUR YACHTS their confidence, will also further cared for and supplied from us.

Second-hand-boats have become an important segment during our Europe-wide yacht-trade and brokerage. Today we are one of the competent interlocutors and are willing and able to do our best to satisfy our customers and clients as quickly and correct as possible with the help of our skills experience and employees.

Our technical staff, responsible for the technique- and mechanic parts guarantee a perfect service which includes all technology, electronics, GRP-repairs and traditional wood-working, as well as re-examinations and refit of yachts and boats.

We also equip your new boat with all you personal needs wishes.

Since many years we are the general–representative here in Germany for the world famous and reliable propeller protector “STRIPPER”.

If you are looking for a yacht, or just only for some good advice or want to be informed about anything that refers back to yachting, contact us and we will try to help you out as good as possible with our great long-term know-how, from which you can hopefully benefit.

Thank you for your trust and attention.