Dehler 30 od – History

As one of the world leaders for performance cruisers, Dehler Yachts starts a new chapter in its more than 50 years of history – the Dehler 30 od. In tradition of Sprinta Sport and DB1, Dehler Yachts presents a new offshore one-design class, focussing on double-handed long distance racing.

Produced in surveilled quality and tolerances it represents most modern trends in design, materials, solutions and refining technologies.

An optimized hull design, appendages and sailplan developed by the world known designers of judel/vrolijk & co allow maximum speeds and safe navigation at windspeeds from 4 to 40 kn. The vessel is designed for highest safety of the crew according to CE regulations cat. A and with no regards to any handicap system. Extra stability is generated by a water ballast system. The structural concept representing the latest version of the „Dehler carbon cage“ makes the boat stiff and rigid at lowest weight.

The decklayout is optimized for efficient doublehanded sailing. It allows advanced interaction between skipper and crew and is a result
of various ergonomic studies. A wide and complete sailset for different conditions make the vessel fast but also challenging to sail. The Dehler Yachts team was consulted by various offshore professionals to represent the latest developments in offshore racing.

Zero-emission is achieved by a fold-out electric engine – completing the idea of an eco-friendly sport and setting a new benchmark in offshore
racing. This system reduces the drag of the vessel considerably by no equipment under water helping to maximize the vessels´ speed. A range extender allows a high operating distance and increases safety and acceptance of such a system.

The interior gives maxmimum functionality, representing modern and contemporary design. Leeboards adjustable berths and plenty of stowage for equipment, spares and tools allow highest comfort at sea in any condition and situation. With a separated toilet and a fully equipped pantry block no comfort is missing. A central, flexible navigation rack contains all navigation equipment and can always be moved to the windward side.

4 – 6 berths make the boat also usable in everydays life for transfering and beside racing. Clear surfaces and modern design are completing an unique and outstanding product. After two years of intensive research, design and development, the Dehler 30 od became a perfect product for the new generation of sailors adopting the challenge of double handed offshore racing.

Are you ready for this challenge?

Our new Dehler 30 OD is the first production boat, we developed for this brand, that is designed only with speed and performance in mind. All other aspects such as interior volume, headroom and comfort have been compromised to achieve this.

Designwise it was the intention to follow current single- and double-handed raceboat design trends, but with a maior difference in allround performance. Analyzing current racing conditions, especially all over Europe, it became evident, that many of the racing is done in lighter winds, and – that good upwind performance still is necessary to win races. Thus we sacrified the pure downwind reaching performance slightly (you get nothing for free !) and gained back allround and light wind power. By the use of water ballast, performance is increased in short handed mode, whereas in crewed mode with an intended crew of four, this additional stability feature is not in use.

In this combination, we think the boat is unique and will satisfy the single- and double hand minded racing sailers as well as the ambitions of the more conventional race course oriented crews.

Because we left some room for interior and also came up with some nice under deck design ideas, the boat might also attract for sporty weekend cruising or as a high performance daysailer. This is not to underestimate, because it helps to create fleets and keep a good resale value.

May 2018, - judel/vrolijk & co

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